It has been a CRAPtastic morning.

On one hand, my procedure did NOT go as planned and I get to do this again. I don’t think so. I was very clear about that. Yesterday was hell. Actually, I did 36 hours of hell. I’m NOT repeating it. The stuff made me gag and made ma nauseous. Nope.

I was told very nicely that due to my family history, I am considered ‘high risk’ and we’ll wait a day or two and reschedule.

Well Fine. I still don’t think so. Hope i die real fast.

On the other hand, I’m sitting back, watching the world eat itself.

Warning: Political ranting ahead. Really. If you don’t know which way I lean or are sensitive about politics…. don’t go past this line.

Here some Richard for you….


We have Evil 1 and Evil 2 in the race for the highest office of the land.



I just deleted 5 paragraphs of ranting. Be glad. Be very glad. Really. I don’t like either one of them. We’ll just leave it at that. I weep for my country. Suitor, who is a left-leaning moderate, is refusing to vote at all. I MIGHT join him.

I’m also sitting on the fence, watching Europe and Great Britain implode on itself. I’m not an expert but from what I’ve read it’s either – OMG we’re all going to die to OMG we’re free at last, we’re free at last…

And some of my more Conservative friends are now calling for the ouster of the UN from US soil and telling them we don’t want to be a part of your club anymore. 

Which I kind of agree with.

When our first President left office, he had 2 pieces of advice for this young nation. He very emphatically said:

2 things will kill this country. 1) Party Politics. Don’t do it. and 2) Europe. Leave them alone. They’ve been fighting for over a 1000 years. They’ll fight for 1000 more. Stay out of their politics. Stay out of their wars. We have better things to do.

(Like subduing the Indians and seeing what’s over yon mountains, but that’s another rant.)

So if it looks like I’m sitting on the fence, I’m not really. I’m watching. And waiting. Let the dust settle. It will.