Arrived Alive just before 2 this afternoon.

It was hotter than blue blazes and I had a carload of record albums. So they had to come in asap.

unnamed (2)

That’s not all…

unnamed (3)

That’s STILL not all. There are more STILL at mom’s.

She thinks I should sell them all on ebay. Why? I have a turn-table.

In other news, as stated earlier, we returned to the interior for too long to celebrate Father’s Day.


I look enthused, don’t I? The man next to me is much happier than I apparently am.

We were supposed to leave Monday. Didn’t happen. Got home this afternoon. Whoot. Discovered while we were gone, kitties had had a party. There are couch throw pillows on the floor, cat hair on the foot of my bed and disemboweled catnip mice everywhere.

unnamed (1)

She seems to be pleased with her work.


Evil Kitty. Evil Kitty.

Lastly, tonight is the last day I get to eat – well until Friday afternoon, and I rather doubt I”ll be in the mood to eat much of anything.

Dinner tonight!


Dinner tomorrow


unnamed (4)

Looks Scrumptious don’t it? Also, green jello, applesauce, tea and yogurt with no red berries. Oh and stuff that will clean out my gizzard. Due to my diabetes, I’ve been told to check my blood sugar every hour on the hour. If it drops – and they expect it to – I’m to down the White Grape Juice my son has procured for me.

What I do to get healthy. Honestly, I’d just bypass the whole thing and take my chances, but Suitor is quite insistent. He thinks he wants me around for a while.

He’s not dealt with me in a full blown snit fit.


And now. Apparently Richard is waxing political. Therefore, I should be able to wax a little political.


My eating is over for today. I might not be around tomorrow. I will probably be grumpy. Ooooh Grumpy. Good time to write Dwalin.