One week to the day after Bonnie came rolling into town, Tropical Storm Colin decided to utilize the backdoor and make himself at home. Holy crappers people! It’s early for 3 named storms, already and June storms are ugly and messy!

Right now, the drainage ditches are full, yet again, I have the doors open and the AC OFF – praying for one more month of electric bill below three digits.

Our planned vacay down the coast has been cancelled. We have rain – will get 5 inches worth between last night and tomorrow morning. Suitor’s neck of the woods will get 7 to 10 inches. Big Winds. Joy.

He and I will meet in Daytona on Thursday. I think that’s sort of late, but he wants to be sure. Cautious, my man is it. We’ll reschedule the cancelled trip (he and Spawn were really looking forward to it) and plan a trip for us into Antebellum and The South Will Rise Again country.

In the meantime, it’s just wet and dreary. Even the cats are lazier than normal.  At least this will be in (is supposed to arrive Wednesday) and I can wear it!

DragonFly tunic

On the flip side, some happy news for me. As most of you know, I was robbed back in October by the maid at the motel I was in for a while. Her excuse was ‘she was trying to help me’ and the cops bought that lie. Either way, my jewelry went missing – including a lovely heart and diamond bracelet a former boyfriend had gotten me, (this is how I KNEW it was a robbery. It was in my velvet jewelry roll up. The rest of the fake gold stuff is still there – the bracelet, with it’s real diamond chips was gone!) as well as a beaded necklace a friend made for me and my Guy of Gisborne bracelet that I was overly fond of. I was heartbroken and the loss of these 3 items.

Well, today, I was cleaning out suitcases and satchels and baskets and I found the necklace and the Guy of Gisborne bracelet!!! (Along with my MP3! Now to find the charger!) Soooo happy. Heart diamond bracelet is still gone, but… it’s funny, the only two decent pieces of jewelry that man bought me have up and disappeared. Perhaps, it’s for the best. I was jumping up and down so hard, my son thought I would start and earthquake.

So right now, I’m trying NOT to eat. Read the results of my bloodwork and my A1C, which was lower than I expected, was still incredibly high. The ensuing email from my doctor basically said – not giving you more meds, girl. Your liver count is slightly up so basically, you need to get serious with your diet. Here’s a list of places for you to contact to help you get that under control. 

I want chocolate. No can have.

Here. It’s wet and rainy. Have some wet and rained on Richard.