No, not the book in the bible. Just general whining.

Suitor and I were SUPPOSED to have a short 2 day trip down the coast last week. A certain beach has sentimental meaning to us and we thought we’d go relive the charm of that particular spring brea… erm…. bike wee…. erm… state church youth gathering.

Honest, that’s the truth. All three happened that SAME weekend. It was quite… interesting to say the least. But we have sweet memories of the place and just wanted to go spend some time there.

However, after we made the decision, things happened… my doctor appointment, his doctor appointment, family obligations (his side… TWICE and I wasn’t about to ask him to skip either one.) and so we decided to just make a 3 day jaunt next week, with Spawn in tow further down the coast. Spawn and Suitor LOVE lighthouses and there is a garden Spawn and his camera would have a field day at. There was also a romantic stroll on the beach planned. So everything was booked…

and then maybe Colin is happening. For those who haven’t heard, there is a disturbance in the force… who will be named Colin if he gets that tough, but either way Florida – as in ALL of Florida – is expected to have a 90% chance of rain ALL week.

3 days of sun and fun just got chucked. And before you ask, the coast of Georgia is expected to get a lot of that too.

So who knows. We’re talking about just the two of us meeting for 2 days, calendars in hand to reschedule the cancelled trip – that honestly everyone was looking forward to – and to plan our going slightly north getaway. It will rain, but we’ll have our heads together, making plans, which I understand is something he’s good at.


My computer has been running slower and slower and slower the last 2 months. Webpages aren’t working right. I’ve tried several things, friends have suggested, loaned things… I decided to do a restore to a previous date, only to discover my computer has wiped all the old restore sets and only wants to backdate a week. That’s not going to work. So I downloaded a program I used when I first got this thing and it did this because of no anti-virus protection – and ran it last night…

And now all my presets are gone. My incognito program has made google image searching a real adventure!

An example would be my monthly beefcake excursion. Once a month, I do an image search for beefcake. I, of course, share my discoveries with all of you. This excursion, however, came up with some doozies…

Some really OLD Beefcake….


Ken – as in Barbie and Ken – posing…

asdawer dsf

I… uhm… also found some poser GI Joe’s…

No, I didn’t save those.

Simulated Beefcake…

computer generatieed

Really, what will they think of next?

computer 2

I shouldn’t have asked.

Not trying to be… insulting… but I think someone has read too much slash fanfiction of the fantasy variety.

There was one that while, cute and adorable, is not something I would POST, much less save or share. I’m sure the little one’s parents thought the picture cute and it is, but the fact it – and other similar – showed up on a beefcake search, I find to be disturbing.

But I DID find some reasonable beefcake.



kilt man


It’s important that the back look as good as the front…. or sometimes better than the front…


Might be time to set the house on fire…


porter arms

Those veins popping on his arms…. and rope. Tied up Porter… makin’ my ovaries bust…

Ya’ll have a lovely Sunday.