Which I think is bull shit but…

TMI behind the cut

All blood work for diabetes was done yesterday. Also, a complete physical complete with EKG. You wanna hear bad? I went to bed last night and went to scratch under a breast and found yet another EKG sticker. I thought I’d gotten them all. Meh.


Doctor and his nurse started down the list of questions. I think he felt personally insulted by some of my answers:


 When was your last mammogram? 


Uhm… 2001?


What? Why so long? They’re free…
Not back then and the Mammogram Mobile didn’t come out to my neck of the boonies… and the Medical Association doesn’t seem to think we need them until our ’70’s.
They’re full of it! Everyone I know who’s had breast cancer has been in their 30’s and 40’s! We have a mammogram lab on the other side of the office. I’ll email and tell them you’re coming after labs. We’ll schedule. 80% of the time, it’s immediately!
I’m scheduled to have my boobies busted this afternoon.
When was your last pap smear? 
 I’m having one on July 1st.
Good. Who? 
I don’t remember…
 They’re out near where I live.
Oh. Must be ****************.  They’re good. There is a history of cancer in your family? 
 Dad had colon cancer. His father died from it. Several other family members as well, but they were heavy smokers. No, I don’t smoke.
And your last colonscopy?
Uhm… never had one?
WHAT? Nurse? Start the referral. Call Dr. ****. In fact, I’m going to start the referral – starts typing on his computer – and I’ll make sure your insurance company follows up. They are good about this stuff! 
I was told to expect a call in 7 to 10 days. I got it within the hour and with everything, I’m having or had blood work, physical, mammogram, colonoscopy, and all my girly bits checked out in a 4 week period. In fact, my lower extremities are getting a completely work out in a 1 week period. My body will hate me.
I am not happy with this. I had better things to do with my summer.
Suitor thinks all of this is great. He calls it ‘getting healthy’! I call it torture! And he’s determined to make sure I don’t forget to take my meds ever again. He says he takes that many in the morning. His is for high blood pressure. I guess working for the USPS will do that to you.  I think part of his plan is a weekly pill container for me. I told him it needs to be the size of Rhode Island.
Morning Meds. Evening is just as bad
So now he’s ‘taking charge of that’ as well.
 To make matters worse, he has enlisted my son to make sure I take meds and such. He can’t understand how I can forget meds! It’s easy!!!! I’m a closet blonde! I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my neck!
I’m more upset about the tube up my butt and the 24 hour liquid diet I’m going to be on.

Meh. Just meh.


I’m being ganged up on, people. It’s quite unsettling.


Good news tho – I’ve lost 4 pounds since my last visit 5 weeks ago! This keeps up I’ll be a shade of my former self!



And I have NO idea why my formatting is wonky. It was fine and I went back to edit in the weight loss and THAT happened.