I have a to do list this week.

  1. Do Laundry. (Later in the week. I’m tripping next week.)
  2. Grocery Store. (Not a big trip. I spent 270.00 last month and I still have food)
  3. Buy a new phone. The old one is useless except to text and act as an alarm clock
  4. Unpack 20 boxes. Probably books. Meh. Not really meh.
  5. Finish my Big Bang – A Wraith in the Mist. No, that’s all I’m telling you.
  6. Blood work at doctor’s. Meh. Really. Meh.
  7. Visit closer yarn shop. Like I don’t have enough yarn now.
  8. Buy a vacuum cleaner. I have 2. Both are shot. I have a third, but it’s still at my mom’s. I think.
  9. Pay bills.
  10. Deal with other financial shit.
  11. ***sniff sniff*** take a shower. Now.

What was NOT on the To-Do list is piss off the 2 men who mean the most to me. Okay, I’ve pissed off THREE men who mean a LOT to me. And that wasn’t on the To-Do List.

Suitor is pissed off. I’ve been yelled at. Okay, I was texted in ALL CAPS HOW COULD YOU YOU MADE ME A PROMISE….

le sigh.

And he thinks I’m being rather nonchalant about the whole thing. Which I’m NOT…

And my son is standing in the doorway – You’ve not done WHAT? MOM! You made a promise!!!!….

Third man – GOOOOOD friend – when informed of the situation – What? Oh yeah, they have a right to be mad! I’m mad!


If I had ice cream, I’d go eat it. That would only make the problem worse. However, since I’m so upset, and ice cream would exasperate the problem, I’ve participated in my favorite therapy that doesn’t include food…

DragonFly tunic

It will arrive in a week or two.