A right bitch has rolled into town. Her name is Bonnie and she is leaving a lot of water in her wake. Thankfully, there isn’t really much wind, just lots of slow moving rain. I’m suddenly very thankful for the drainage ditch in my front yard.

Hoping to get a LOT of writing done this week. If I can complete my Big Bang (Dwalin and Tauriel take a walk-about Middle Earth. No romance, no sex. Get over it) this week, I’ll be VERY happy and can resume William Edward’s story. And Gary’s story. And perhaps I’ll throw in some Roger Gisborne for good measure. I initially thought to do a lot of writing (and unpacking) this summer. I have almost 9 weeks to myself. However, That Man has things planned for me and mine this summer – starting with a lovely 3 day excursion waaaaaaaay down the Atlantic Coast. I’ve never been that far south before and I’ll be hard pressed not to continue all the way to Key West, just ‘cuz. Sadly, we are trying to cough up funds for 2 tickets to Dragoncon and we need to buy them before July 15th before prices go up again and then we’ll have to figure out accommodations. Those will not be cheap either.

And food.

But we are looking forward to TWO lighthouses, and a Japanese museum and garden (Spawn is really looking forward to all of that!) and I’m hoping for a romantic moonlit walk on the beach.

So along with the rain and dealing with a low-grade backache (I did too much yesterday, between the cleaning of the oven, hanging a large shelf – I swear I am getting REALLY good with tools!) and eyeballing the Tylenol and beefcake.

Speaking of beefcake… it is time for…


Are you ready???




I was going to go knit today, but the rain has kept me in. I’m overdue for a Tolkien Marathon. I think I”ll start it… and knit.

Have a lovely Sunday!