I am done and done and done! Well until the butt-end of July, but I am DONE! I am now counting down the days I meet with Suitor for 2 nights and 3 days of fun down the Atlantic Coast! WHOOOSH! 10 days. We have plans to meet up and take short jaunts (2-4 days) all through the summer and it is our hope to be able to weekend meet at least ONCE a month when school starts! My car is getting ready to see some miles.

I absolutely pissed off and terrified my custodial staff this week after the kids left. See, I look at it this way – I have 4 days to clean up and organize my room NOW as I won’t be given that luxury come July/August when we report back. We will be busy busy busy with pre-planning and stuff and I won’t be given a moment’s peace when I come back, and they have ALL FLIPPIN’ SUMMER to do their thing. Not to mention I was told that me gaining access to my room, much less the building would be fairly…. uhm… no. (ANd it was confirmed, we are NOT going to be allowed on the premises at all until the day we return. We are on VACATION! Whether we want to be or not!) So I have 4 days to clean out my storage closet – which I haven’t been able to get more than 3 feet into since January – as well as move my room around. I had bookcases and instruments that HAVE to be put away. Truthfully, I would have preferred to put in floor to ceiling shelves to safely stack stuff. Not to mention I had a shitload of school stuff in my garage. (And still have quite a bit but I’ll deal with that as I go next year.)

So last week I started bringing stuff… and Monday I brought a carload – and I do mean a CAR LOAD of stuff and I tore out my storage closet.


Yes, even HE was absolutely unimpressed!


But even after I added a book case and the instrument cubby, my storage closet looked like this!


For the record, that’s 3 long bookcases, a cubby shelf (that I obviously use for instruments) and 2 long computer desks. What you DON”T see is the two storage closets behind me.

On Wednesday, custodial staff came in, took one look and said – this isn’t getting better. And I said – Yes it is.


And then I added – I know I’m a pig. Head Custodian snorted and said – you haven’t been down in the 4th and 5th grade wing, have you?

And then I informed her I had raided one of the schools that is moving into a new building and because their room was much SMALLER (same thing is going to happen to me!) I’m kinda bringing in more keyboards… and books….

And there was a great gnashing of teeth.

On Thursday morning I discovered THIS left in my room.


And I thanked them profusely.

This last set was taken about 1 hour before I left. When I left, there was NOTHING in the floor, nothing on the tables – actually my area was clean, the white bookcase behind my desk has been transformed into neatly arranged  office supplies – I swear, I don’t remember WHO I raided in a previously life, but I have enough staples, paper clips, rubber bands and pens to last 2 more lifetimes and enough pencils to last me 2 years! – separated into clear never-used terrariums and they are labeled! Not to mention 2 large baskets – for lined and unlined paper, God I’m so organized, we’ll see how long that lasts – on the top. And the bookcase on the wall between my filing cabinets is much neater. And all the water came home!


Of course the storage room looks like this, but I can get to everything!


(I didn’t get pictures because the custodial staff was locking the gates at 4. Sheesh. You think they were in a rush to get rid of us!)