And how are we all???

I am DONE with my first year teaching in this school. I see me here for a few years, but not forever and hopefully not for many. I need to have a long sit-down with Suitor. He wants us to pull up stakes and move further north in a few years (when his baby girl graduates college) but I have a few issues (retirement) that will need to be discussed.

Either or, kiddos are gone until August 3rd and I have 4 to 5 days – depending on who you talk to – of post planning. I won’t be able to access my classroom this summer, so Spawn and I are going to attempt to get as much of my school stuff to school this week and unpacked, etc etc etc.

Regardless I plan on having an honest to goodness VACATION this summer, most of it short jaunts here and there. I’m also planning on doing Dragoncon FINALLY again for the first time in ages and ages and ages.

The Muses are digging at me Rapscallions each and every one.

Anyway – without much further ado, the very much overdue BeefCake edition.

Before I start, if you haven’t seen this lovely porn that Guylty left on my blog earlier this week – for God’s sake, go look!!!


ooooh look what the link did!

Okay, now for real… Beefcake!

This edition is extra-large (ahem) because I’ve missed 2 weeks.


images (1)

images (4)images (10)

images (13)






And no beefcake collection would be complete without…



You’re welcome.