Epiphany. Good. I spelled it right.

Me being smarmy and braggart like and uber girly and vain and obviously obvious. No need to read on if stuff like that irritates you.

So it has occurred to me that all of a sudden, I’m taking an enormous interest in clothing again. I used to be a clothes horse. Really. My first apartment, I had a 12 foot closet – meaning 12 feet deep and 5 feet wide with 2 long racks back and forth and it was crammed. I could go months… without wearing the same outfit twice. This was of course, when I weighed 125 pounds and I also had a shitload of shoes as well, almost all of them with 3 inch heels or more, but I digress.

However, in the last 2 decades, I’ve had like… no interest in clothing. If something wore out, I replaced it without much fanfare. I looked for comfort and ease of moving around in it. When I moved further down the coast in 2006, I did buy a few things that were necessary. Basically one outfit or basic a month. That was it. I tossed a load of stuff when I left. Someone lucky person who shops Goodwill was one well-dressed bitch, I’ll tell you that.

All of a sudden, I’m…. well… interested in clothes. I sat down and did inventory this afternoon when I was hanging up stuff. I’ve been on a rather disgusting shopping spree since November. Really. I made the conscience decision my clothes shopping is over… well except for at least 2 pairs of shorts (check) a few cheap comfy tees for the summer (and I am NOT spending huge buckies on comfy tees) and the inevitable new underwear.


Then I get the new Jessica London Catalog and by damn if there isn’t a nice summer tunic I just HAVE to have.



I mean I must have this tunic. I’ve not begun to peruse lingerie and that needs to be perused.

But I digress.

I find it strange that after years of caring less about my appearance, except to make sure I’m decently and sorta professionally attired for work, all of a sudden, I’ve gone clothes shopping happy.

Notice I haven’t broached the subject of make-up. Or hair styling. Or shoes.

Actually, I DID buy a new pair of shoes with a wedge heel. They lasted (or I should say, I lasted) one hour in them. And it wasn’t my arches or toes, it was my ankles! But I digress… again!)

So I have to wonder. Why the change of heart all of a sudden???

You may begin laughing now.