or Feudal Friday and Mother’s Day is Sunday. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms and if your mom is still walking the face of the earth, take her to dinner and smile and remember everything she did for you. If your mom is no longer with you, remember her and do something the two of you enjoyed together.

Spawn and I are heading into the Interior as soon as I get off work – well I HOPE as soon as I get off work. the last time we headed into the Interior, I had to WAIT over an hour for him to pack after I told him to have it done. Supposedly, he packed last night… we’ll see. I’m going to make him drive The Corridor coming and going this time. I can’t afford another ticket.

I have 2 more classes to test. I’ll do them today. Next week, I do make-ups. At least the 6 classes I’ve tested are graded and entered into the state data base. I’m pleased. Very pleased, so far with the results.

And now – Guy Day. Or Feudal Friday. WHEN is Pilgrimage due out? I’m tired of hearing about all these wonderful PROJECTS of our darling and yet, all we have from them are studio releases and selfies! Bah!


Have a great weekend!