I have been remiss.

No. I’ve been occupied. Not only has writing come to a halt, so has reading, pretty much. I don’t see this month being much better, end of school, testing,

Former/Future boyfriend becoming boyfriend. Suitor. I like that better. Suitor.

Was very interesting to watch him when we went to the festival. I decided about 2 blocks away from the car, I REALLY didn’t want to carry my purse around. He just took it back to the car and locked it in the trunk.

Yes, a 6 foot 3 man, carrying a smallish hot pink quilted purse. In 98 degree weather.  He says no biggie. With an ex wife and 2 daughters, he’s used to going out and buying tampons and panty liners and other female things. Carrying a purse doesn’t emasculate him a bit. Nope.


If I’ve already waxed poetic about how wonderful the weekend was, I’ll shut up. If not, when I’m done here, I’ll look, come back and edited the details (not all) in.

Okay so Zee reads. Sometimes. Obviously. Only 2 books this past month!

Up first.

One to Keep

The Third installment of Nights in Bliss series by Lexi Blake. Very enjoyable. She’s dropping hints in this one of the Masters and Mercenaries Series.

Also, the next of the M&M series is out. I have it. I’ll get to it… this summer. Maybe.

You and no other

Every now and again, I deeply desire a pink and sappy hot Historical Romance. Look no further. Meet Aimee, eldest daughter of an impoverished baron who longs for wealthier days. His and his wife’s idea to fix their financial situation is to marry her off to a wealthier but disgusting nobleman. She’s turned him down once. He decides to buy her. Mom and Dad agree. She runs off with the king’s entourage… and enlists Thomas St Briac’s aid in keeping her hid from not only her family, but the king, who she kinda sorta insulted pretty badly.

To his face. Not knowing who he was.

Tsk Tsk.

Either way it was an enjoyable read. I have 9 of her books. Each covers has a barely clothed man and a woman – very young – with more skirts than brains. Obviously.

That’s it. Sorry folks. No long lists from me this month. And don’t expect it to be any better next month.

Damn. It’s not even 10 PM and I’m falling over. Hell day tomorrow. Only 3 more of them. Hip hip hooray!