I’m going to be fast and quick because I should have left 20 minutes ago and I”m not even dressed and I don’t have directions to where I am going.

Teacher Work day! I have a forum to attend at another HS at 9 AM. That’s where I”m supposed to go! Hmmm.

There are 20 days left of school.

and 7 days before MY  BIG EVENT!!!! YES!!!! We are very excited! I was called last night and told – do you realize today is the one month anniversary of when I contacted you? 

OH YES! This one won’t forget anniversaries! Where are my flowers?

I have my outfit picked out, just need to decide which cover up to wear. (It’s a tank top. Trust me, I need to cover up!

Uhm…. happy Passover to my friends who celebrate. I have an old post about that.


It’s worth watching again. Even if you are not of the Jewish persuasion.

And now…. Guy Day!

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Have a great weekend. I’m cleaning house. Big time.