For those of you who KNOW what’s going on…

9 days 9 days 9 days.

There is a huge festival going on in the next hamlet over that Saturday and we’ve decided to attend. One of the more popular ’60’s groups is playing and we figure, it will be a great time and if not, we’ll go downtown and wander. Downtown Savannah on a warm day on Saturday is ALWAYS a good time.

(No, not these two. Of course ONE of them is dead, but still…)

For you Dick Dale fans…

I think this one is my favorite.

Back on topic – sorta

Lots of talking has established we have a lot of things in common. My dealbreakers are his dealbreakers. (and no, he wasn’t agreeing with me, he asked me flat out – Do you? Uhm, no because of the asthma problem but other reasons as well. Great, because no matter how much I want this, it’s a dealbreaker.

Well yay!

And yes, there are somethings we DON”T agree on and we’ve decided just to agree to disagree. No use fighting or arguing about it. It’s nothing life-threatening.

We have a new baseball team as well (a summer college team) and seeing how he BLEEDS baseball and I do enjoy it, I guess we’ll be seeing some games.

Also, 25 days to the end of school. I’m SOOOOO ready for it! Totally stoked!

I have finally gotten my Kindle Fire to go online at the house. Yay. And now, I am addicted to Bubble Wars.

Yeah, I’m quite the adult.

And the new picture of Richard???? Thanks Richard, those WERE my ovaries…

OKAY! Time for the last installment of Movie Madness!

Day 28 – Your favourite animated film or children’s film

The last 2 weeks, I’ve seen a LOT of children’s movies. Massive testing of one group and then another. Of course, the group testing needs ABSOLUTE QUIET… so the ones NOT testing have been moved up into my wing and… well we’ve watched movies. I’ve seen some great ones – Bridge to Tibaithia (or something like that) – the Goosebumps movie wasn’t bad. I pulled out some old standbys – Chicken Run, Shrek, Despicable Me. Kung Fu Panda.

Good Burger. My 5th graders LOVED Good Burger.

I know.

But my favorite is STILL that little movie about a little robot who says very little and it is probably one of the sweetest love stories ever told.


and all of a sudden, my links aren’t embedding again. Sigh.

If you’re too embarassed to rent it on your, borrow a kid. Or don’t. 

Day 29 – A new movie you are most looking forward to

Urban and the Shed Crew



What do we have to do to get these movies released? Really, Richard! Making them and then having them sit on the frickin’ shelf is like going to baseball practice and never attending a game! 

And last.

Day 30 – The next movie you plan to watch at the cinema

The next Star Wars movie. Then again, Former-Future boyfriend might haul me to something.

I’m a bit irate. I ordered some really cute clothes from a discount online company. I’ve been ordering stuff from them since I moved and never had a problem. Quality has been okay. I”m losing weight so it’s not like I want to spend a lot of money. Anyway, I was wanting these for my weekend next weekend and ordered 3 weeks ago.

Stuff should have shipped by now, so I checked the site – nope. Not due to ship until the day before I need them.

So I contact them. Stuff is supposed to ship 8 to 16 days. This is going to be way over. I don’t get an apology.

Yeah, our policy is 8 to 16 days and you’re going to just love this when it gets to you! Thank you for contacting us.

But these are now going to ship late. I ordered them on the 10th. I NEED them by the 28th.

Yeah, that’s our policy and these are just so cute! You should definitely have them by the 10th!

NO! I ORDERED Them on the 10th. I NEED them by the 28th! I’m going to be mighty pissed if they haven’t arrived by the 28th!

Well they are going out on the 28th and we’ll just keep our fingers crossed you get them in time for your event. You’re really going to love them! These are really cute!

My nice chip was all done out by then.

Well, you fucking well better get on your knees and pray that I get these by the 28th because if I don’t, I’m going to be a fucking canker on your ass! Please do not send me another email attempting to blow sunshine up my ass!


Openly ignoring they’re not making their own deadline and not even an apology! Please!

Meaning I”m going to have to go out on the 28th and buy a smaller size jeans.

I was whining to Former-Future boyfriend, who decided I need a back rub and TLC. I told him crawling into his lap with my kindle fire and playing bubble wars would soothe me fine.

I was then asked if … well never mind what I was asked, just know it made me blush!

It’s time for bed. I’m off to play some bubble wars before I go to sleep.