Or how to pack your storage unit part 2.

I am a pack rat. I know I’m a pack rat. Please, when I left the southern part of Georgia, I originally left behind a 10 x 30, a 10 x 10 and a duplex that wasn’t mine fairly packed as well (well the 10 x 10 bedroom, and half… most of the 12 x 12 kitchen/dining area. I’m not a hoarder. There is a difference.)

I’ve been downsizing for a few years. The last time I went to the storage unit before I moved out, I didn’t think twice, just filled up the dumpster. I know I tossed ‘good’ stuff. I just couldn’t handle taking it to Goodwill anymore.

Anyway, when I moved up here, I purposely looked for a home with a garage. I lucked up with the 2 car (or 19 x 21) detached garage in the back. I was very grateful for the help I received loading and unloading. A girl can’t ask for more. My brothers were impressed. That is a feat unto itself.

Sadly because it was done in record time, my garage looked like this.


Initially, I was like… well that’s okay. I’ll just start from the front and work my way back. And that was fine for about 30 boxes, but I realized that I wasn’t getting close to my pots and pans or my clothes… especially my pretty clothes.


So something needed to be done.

I meant to do this during spring break, but between the weather (mostly cool and wet) and my radiator problems, it didn’t happen. Sooooo yesterday I went on a dig and found the majority of my pots and pans and my dishes – yay go me. But I couldn’t find my silverware OR my clothes (especially my pretty clothes) so I decided to do what I didn’t want to do but am pretty good at.

Pulling it all out and repacking it in a workable order.

Meaning the miscellaneous boxes of junk would go in the back corner where I could deal with it at my leisure. My leisure right now is July 27th. The day before I return to work. (5 more weeks of school, I cannot wait!)

OF course, as I’m getting started, I get a text from former/future boyfriend. I’m thinking of you.Β 

Well, I’m thinking of you too! I’m thinking of those long gorgeous arms on that gorgeous 6 foot 3 inch body (I did tell you he is 6 foot 3, right? 6 foot 3, WAS dark haired and blue eyed. Think I have a type?) Anyway, I’m thinking of those long arms of yours… HELPING ME IN MY GARAGE!

Whatever you need ’em for.Β 

But I had to get to the back corner and I had to clear out everything in front of it.

DSC_6529 (1)

DSC_6530 (1)

I realized early on that the boxes of books weigh a ton. As in I really can’t lift them or move them. Where was my brain? IN the beginning, I was putting music in the front left corner, so I decided that the books and music (which also weigh a ton) should just go there. Spawn and I came to the conclusion that when we start unpacking the books, I’m going to unpack them there and use the wheelbarrow to bring them to the house. Really.

But that is where I pulled out everything from the left ‘corridor’. We separated them by ‘type’ (junk, my junk, his junk, clothing and linens and curtains junk, kitchen junk, living room junk, dining room junk) Christmas junk already had a spot on the right hand side and we simply worked our way back through that one corridor, opening and looking, because I worked on the other side yesterday looking for my clothes and silverware. (I did find 99% of my pots and pans.)

I found my clothes in a large box in the back where I had been working. For some odd reason, I worked all the way around it without seeing it. Go figure. I also found my silverware up on the large workbench in the back. Had I taken two boxes off the top, I’d have seen them. I could have reached out and touched both at the same time and I wouldn’t have gone through all of this today! So I’ve found pretty much everything I’ve been looking for.

But now I had to put it all back in. And my back was failing.


This is so disgusting. THIS is ALL of my music and ALL of my books. Piano music, school music, personal music, church music, books, hardbacks, paperbacks, magazines. There is some cross stitch mags and some scrapbook stuff and I’ll move it to the workbench (with the videos) when I start digging again. Those three black crates? That is music that when I open it up, I will fall to my knees and find God.

Anyway, it now looks like this:


I didn’t have as much junk junk as I thought I had. Nor did I have a lot of my junk or Spawn’s junk. I think we each have less than 15 boxes apiece. I DID find Spawn’s racecar set – thing took up the entire family room when my mom – aka SantaGrandma – bought it for Christmas. We left it up for one month before taking it down and never put it up again. She did NOT learn her lesson and bought him a Harry Potter Quiddich racing set that took up MY family room. Again, was up a month and taken down, never to be seen again. I suspect when Former/Future Boyfriend gets here, at some point he and Number Only Son will have a field day with it.

I guess I better clean out MY family room for that.

From another angle.


Behind the wheelbarrow is another corridor – not as wide as the one on the left, but wide enough for me to cart my wide ass through. There is also a corridor across the back between the work bench and the boxes.

We’ve tagged July 27th to have it completed – all of it, including the miscellaneous junk. Much of that will be trashed

This won’t.

DSC_6528 (1)

Spawn loved this little Dino. I pulled it out and I hear the OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! NO YOU CAN”T SEND DINO TO GOODWILL!

So I won’t. I won’t send Brownie either. Yes, I found my teddy bear from when I was 2. I remember when I thought Brownie was HUGE. He was huge to a 2 year old. I found Spawn’s Baby Blanket… and mine… Mom sent me a baggie with the clothes I wore home from the hospital. I have Spawn’s in a baggie in one of the trunks. I think I’ll add this stuff with it.

(I find the attachment to Dino odd. He LOVED his Bert and Ernie stuffies that he slept with Β and carried with him, and traveled with and basically could NOT be parted with for some years, and even when they went off his bed, they went up on the book shelf… and he was willing to give them to a needy child some years ago. But he wouldn’t give up the light saber and he wouldn’t give up Dino… and he hasn’t slept with Dino since he was 17 months!)

He has given up the lightsaber. I might confiscate that. You never know when you’ll need a perfectly good lightsaber.

IN the brohaha, I found more Christmas dishes, glasses – I knew I had drinking glasses somewhere… pictures galore.

I found brake pads. Yes. I don’t think they’ve been used. I have no clue which one of my cars they were for. They certainly aren’t for my current car, that’s for sure.

Brake pads… sheesh.

Of course, now my house is a bigger mess and we did bring stuff in… well namely the 5 boxes of pots and pans. I see a tub full of dishes tomorrow.


Yes, I’ve obviously done that before and I felt the need to scrapbook about it. Yeah, I scrapbook too!

(For the record, that was done with PSE 5 – an ancient photoshop program and one of the many free kits I found online.)

I have much to do in the next 11 days… I do NOT want to be cleaning house late into the evening of the 28th.

But I think it looks MUCH better!! Now to clean my house and start bringing my things in!

Especially my pretty things! πŸ™‚