I have spent the weekend trying to find specific items in my garage.


I have found 99% of my pots and pans and my dishes. All of them. I forgot how many dishes I had. Okay so the daily stuff is cheap plastic Melmak but I”m rather fond of it all. And you can still eat off of them. The majority of my mixing bowls did not survive – there are piles of disintegrated plastic shards in the bottoms of boxes.

Sadly I couldn’t find my silverware or my one lone box of clothing! I have a bathing suit I’d like to find… as well as some other pretty things I hope are still pretty.

Either way, after yesterday, I knew I was tripping over boxes of books and school music and miscellaneous and I’m just fed up so today it is pretty and we are tearing out the garage and repacking it. All the misc stuff is going in the back because it will be unpacked last. I just don’t care that much about it. We’re taking a lunch break and then we’re heading back out to it.

And I hope we find my silverware as well as my pretty things. I’m already finding things I forgot I had. Brownie. My teddy bear from back when I was 2. My old glasses – I mean elementary school. Dear God, those lenses are thick!

Brake Pads. I found brake pads in the box. I don’t know which car they were bought for. Hell I can’t even tell if they were used…

As I’m getting started Former-Future boyfriend texts me – I’m thinking of you. 

Well I’m thinking of you too! I’m thinking of those glorious long arms of yours (he’s 6 foot 3. Did I tell you he is 6 foot 3!!!) helping me in my garage!

He wasn’t silent long. What ever you need them for.  

He thinks it’s amusing I have unknown brake pads in my boxes. What sort of man is this? Does he have any clue he is getting involved with a packrat? A packrat who is trying to reform and not turn into a hoarder????


This house is a rental and I have great plans for the future so as I’m aware that someday I will be moving again, I do not, under any circumstances have to rent a 28 foot and two 12 foot trucks to move all of my possessions. One 28 foot truck should suffice.

It is time for BEEFCAKE! I don’t know about you, but I’m still salivating over the emergency beefcake from Sunday Evening.


Without further ado…


Vintage Beefcake

kilt-3 (1)

Kilted beefcake.

I have no idea who this man is, but damn…. SON! I could ride that stallion into the sunset!


ZESTY Beefcake.  Hell of a way to sell salad dressing, eh?

Don’t judge me. You know your girly bits tingled.


Brock Beefcake

Who wants to tug on the drawstring?

Who wants to tug on it with their teeth?


Favorite Dwarven beefcake.

I feelt rejuvinated! Back to the grind!!!