I’m getting so bad at updating this.

Actually, I’m simply busy and sidetracked and exhausted. Testing continues, our kids are OFF the chain. Really.

15 days. You should know what I’m counting down. School is 26 days, but I’m counting the next 15 days!


My blood sugar yesterday morning was 110. PERFECT! It was 138 this morning, but I’m still happy with it. And, I discovered the school nurse has a scale in her office. Guess who has lost 7 pounds in the last 2 and a half weeks? Yeppers! Yours truly! That’s almost 30 pounds since July!!! Color me a happy camper.

And now… Movie Madness.

Day 25 – Your favorite western

I’m not a Western fan. Now, granted, I do like a good cowboy romance. There is something about a pair of well fitting jeans on a nice, tight ass…

So I had to do some deep thought. That really hurt.

The Three Amigos

Why aren’t my vids embedding anymore?

Martin Short. Chevy Chase. Martin Short. Steve Martin. Martin Short.

Real Western





Day 26 – A movie you feel you should see that you have never seen before

I feel bad about this one. I do. I know it’s excellent. I know it is. I’ve never seen it. I keep… I think it’s the emotional issue.

Schindler’s List


History is cruel. Men are cruel. So is the future if we don’t learn from the past for it will repeat itself. 

I did not know this – Stephen Spielberg refused a salary for the project, saying it would feel like blood money. Much respect. 

Someday. I will get the courage to watch this film.

Tomorrow is Guy Day. And it will be 14 days. 14 days until the official courting of Zee begins. No, we are NOT dating. We are courting. Big difference.

Scary. But exciting.