Okay. This post is simply me being snarky.

Recently, an author I follow very closely openly offered her book that is being released in August up for a free copy and review on Net Galley. Of course, I was all over that. The cost for the last one wasted my book budget for  damn near three months and I really didn’t want to wait until next year for it to drop to a reasonable price.

So I joined up and made the request…

After a week I get a lovely form letter telling me I didn’t meet the requirements to review a book. I don’t have a Book Review only Blog (general blogs like this one aren’t considered – bite me!) I don’t have a reviewer only Twitter or Facebook and I didn’t tell them where I work – like I’m going to do that, fuck you! I’m shocked they didn’t ask for my blood type. (A+ and I bleed Conservative!)

I’m just undesirable.

I like the author plenty. She’s awesome, but her publisher is a complete waste of oxygen. I’ll just wait I guess.

By the way, Net Galley, this is a general blog and it’s mostly about the books I read, Beefcake, and Richard Armitage. He’s so much nicer than you!