which quite frankly is taking far too long!!!!

The end of April and the end of the school year is also taking much too long! 6 weeks until the end of school. 3 weeks until the end of April.

Number Only Son is having issues. He’s happy my social life is getting ready to take off, however, he senses his position as Man of the House is getting ready to be taken over, changes ARE coming (and as an Aspie, change is not something he likes) and he thinks… well, he thinks we’re moving too fast. I’ve talked to him. Two of my friends have talked to him. He understands there is previous history, however it’s been over 35 years since previous history became… well… history.

I informed Former/Future boyfriend to expect a man-to-man chat with him. His response…

I expect it and we’ll have it. But not until this summer. This first visit up, you and I are going to reestablish our relationship and I’m going to get to know him, not only as part of your family unit, but also him as a person. It’s not the time for that man-to-man chat.

I can respect that. Number Only Son says he does as well, but it’s going to be tough. There are other issues he’s having, all of which are a part of life.

Such is life.

My kids are OFF THE CHAIN! I’ve had parents in my room during my LUNCH PEOPLE LET ME EAT IN PEACE BECAUSE I NEED TO (after lunch blood sugar was 104 this afternoon. That was AFTER I ATE) almost every day wanting to discuss their little miscreant’s behavior. I had a parent call me yesterday evening while I”m standing in my driveway, appreciating my climbing rose bush – yes, your son attempted to put the fear of God into a classmate. I understand he was upset and I understand why he was upset, but it’s my job to deal with the issue and when a child tells me – I”m going to teach him a lesson first and if I get in trouble, okay. I’m still going to do it – we have a problem.

Interesting how quickly my little tough guys can turn on the eyeball spicket when mom (and in one case, dad and baby brother along with mom) bring down the wrath of Emmanuel! Or Mahal, or Bema, thank you so very much.

And so it goes.

I have a full week the weekend Former/Future boyfriend is showing up. Testing. All week. Testing with me! They start testing next week for the State. These poor kids are going to be tested out! So I have that and then on Friday, I’m taking a group to the philharmonic to witness a rehearsal. They have enjoyed the orchestra so much this year… but these field trips wear me out and then HE is showing up that afternoon.

I told him to expect me to fall in his arms. Be prepared. Whooot.

Okay, now that I’ve bored you to tears, here is more boring stuff from me. This movie thing is taking to long. I’m going to start doubling and tripling up.

Day 22 – Your favorite horror film

There was a time I adored horror. I remember being in elementary school and I LOVED Halloween – NOT because of the candy, but because my dad and I would stay up until I fell asleep – usually around 1 AM – and watch back to back Vampire movies! My mom would be all up in arms, She’s EIGHT YEARs OLD!!!! and we’d shrug and laugh. Scary movies didn’t scare me when I watched them with Dad because I knew he’d protect me and I had nothing to fear.

So my favorite???


I’ve seen all three. Nothing is like the first one.

Day 23 – Your favorite war movie

I’m not into ‘War Movies’ – does The Hunt for Red October count? Maybe. But really….

Star Wars – Return of the Jedi


Day 24 – Your favorite thriller

Silence of the Lambs

When I read, I tend to go in phases. The Red Dragon ended my phase of psychological Thrillers and horror a little over 20 years ago. I’ve had no desire to return to it, save the occasional foray. Still… I can’t remember if I read the book first and then saw the movie, or vice versa… both were absolutely…. yeah.

For some odd reason, the vids aren’t loading… sorry.