So yesterday, after spending the entire day getting my blood sugar DOWN from 399 – yes, it was that bad, it started at 369 and then went UP – I finally got it down to 135 at 8PM. It was a rough day. Spawn was fussing at me, former/future bf was nicely fussing at me. But we were happy when it got that close to normal.

So I get up this morning all perky and…



are you kidding


I don’t get it. My meds are beyond off, i’m upset. HE’S upset… I need to find out how much is in my flex account and then see my doctor asap. next week asap. This is ridiculous. I’ve been ordered to make ME a priority for US.

Actually, that’s kinda nice…

We are under a tornado watch until 3 PM. joy.

AAAAAAAAAAAAANY HOOOOOO!!!!! GUY DAY! You can see what kind of mood he’s in.

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