And somewhere, I should have Zee Reads. Damn, where did the month go?

I am HOME. Our school nurse sent me home. My blood sugar has reached stupid level. As in so high I should be in the hospital, you are like asking for a stroke high level. SO I’ve been sent home with orders to quit the cokes, drink lots of water and eat NOTHING but protein.

My son is unhappy. He’s currently at the grocery with a list. We’re going to have South west White bean Turkey chili. oh forgot – need lunch. Eeep. Salad at Wendy’s. Do we HAVE a Wendy’s up… oh yeah, down close to the highway. Hmmmm. Trying to remember what kind of salads Mickey Dees…. oooooh. Subway. Hello!

My… friend…. I don’t know what to call him… former boyfriend, future boyfriend…. is way up in my shit over this. Really. He’s not angry or nasty, just… honey, you can NOT do this to you. You’ve taken care of everyone else for how long, it’s now time to take care of yourself. I need you to pester me. You need to be healthy so you can live a long time and pester me. And be with me and maybe we need to have the discussion of when I’m going to move that way sooner than later.

Basically the whole, I didn’t hunt for you after 35+ years for you to go have a stroke on me sort of thing.

So I am HOME and I’m currently drinking lots of water and if it would stop sprinkling, I’d go for a walk or something. Some thing ELSE that needs to be added to my routine.


Water is boring, did I tell you that?

Anyway, movie madness. For some odd reason, I forgot about Movie Madness last week, imagine that… might have something to do with that email that showed up in my email at work of all places on Tuesday morning.  Hmmm mmmm…

Day 19 – Your favorite Action Movie. I’m not really one for action adventure, but I do have one – The Hunt for Red October.

If you can deal with Sean Connery using that lovely Scots accent instead of a Russian one…


Could Into the Storm count as Action Adventure?

I mean I know about the pretty eye candy struggling with an American Midwest Accent.

Day 20 – Favorite Romance – The sound of music and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Day 21 – Favorite Sci-Fi Fantasy – All 6 Tolkien films back to back – THe Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

To the King!


Yes, that is Gamling in the early scene.

To the King



And now it’s time for Zee reads. I’d wait until tomorrow, but my sister is coming tomorrow and she and I and our chillins are touring a local college on Saturday. I’m going to be insane…

I’m in shock. I actually managed to read 6 books and I posted 3 or 4 segments of my fanfiction. That will PROBABLY slow down this month. I have company coming at the end of the month… and I’m currently working on my Big Bang.

First up….

To set a watchman

Count me excited when this was announced. I don’t think it was as good as To Kill a Mockingbird, but it was pretty good. I’ll be honest, I grieved the characters that had passed before this book took place. Just lots of… changes.

Confessions of an ugly girl

Funny. Really funny. And it had an element I loved – the heroine was in her own words – ugly. And no where to we hear from anyone else, she was just not looking in the right mirror, she’s really beautiful. She’s not. Book is in First person, it’s a diary. And it is wonderful!

The Shroud Key

Admittedly I have a weak spot for action adventure centered about religious artifacts. Please don’t blaspheme. It didn’t. Satisfying, edge of your seat, romp!


Young adult rewrite of a beloved fairy tale. There are a series of these. I Might get around to reading the rest.

From Sanctum with Love

Ah my favorite – And again she does NOT disappoint. At all. Someday, she’ll run out of James Bond movie titles and then I don’t know what she’ll do – well I DO know what she’ll do. She’s spinning off – a series based on the those who work at Little Tag’s restaurant – Topped. And from these, we’re seeing the beginnings of another spin off.

This was is a bit…darker with the S/M element. Not just the D/s, but the pain slutting as well. Again, it is consensual and sane and between 2 adults, so I’m good with that. Not a corner I care to personally experience, but a satisfying romp.

two to love

Again, this is Lexi Blake’s earlier pen name. Interesting to see how she’s grown as a writer. Where as now, she is really focusing on the plot – and trust me, she has ALWAYS focused on the plot – this book starts out with the sex. Bang. Menage. The plot eventually shows up and it’s well written.

I’ve begun the 3rd book in this series – One to Keep. I already really like it and am seeing the hints of mention where obviously the Masters and Mercenaries series was a spin off from here.

I’ve started the Phryne whatsername series and I’ve obtained all 15 of the Mary O’Reilly series so far. I had 7 and read the first 3 last year… also discovered there are close to 50 of the Alex Archer series… I had like the first 25 and read the first 7 years ago. I guess I should just down and start over….

Look up Jane Finnis…. oh… I’m in trouble… doesn’t’ look like I’m going to get a reading summer… lol!