There will be no police beefcake tonight because I got a speeding ticket coming home.

Same stretch I got my last one back in 2008, for the same reason – I was stuck on a 2 lane for 40 miles behind an 18 wheeler who couldn’t get past 35 miles an hour in a 55 zone and when the 2 lane opened up, I went around him. Oh and I needed to pee really bad.

Was clocked by Georgia’s Finest doing 82 in a 55. That’s going to hurt. I’m bouncing like crazy because I NEED to go, there’s a gas station a mile ahead and the cop is like – I’m sorry, I’ll write as fast as I can so you can get to the bathroom.


Anyway – I’m home, it is time for late Sunday beefcake




Fireman beefcake.


Celebrity beefcake.


Kilted beefcake. hmmmm mmmmmm


Vintage beefcake. Is that Val Kilmer???


Favorite Beefcake.


There is a good chance my favorite beefcake is getting ready to sprout half an inch, have a dad bod and salt and pepper hair. hmmm mmmmm