Other things being things I didn’t accomplish this week.

There was NO house cleaning this week. No room was cleaned, very few boxes were unpacked. Personal laundry WAS done – today, but none of the bagged linens were in that stash. I did unpack 2 boxes of books and one large box of Spawn’s clothing. He had a field day Friday night – he was squealing – I forgot about THIS shirt! He now has quite the closet full.

Somewhere in the mess, I have 2 boxes of clothes. My bathing suit is in one. So is my sexy lingerie that hasn’t been needed since 2008…it might be dry rotted and I see no use for it anyway. Oh well.

No pictures were hung, wait, my silly cat tapestry I’ve had since I was 10 that has gone over every bed I’ve owned and slept in since then was thumb-tacked up. Other than that. Nope. Nada.

I did find my stainless steel cutlery – 4 place settings. I figured what the heck – it’s better than plastic ware. At least I have my Corelle dishes and my nice dinnerware is in the buffet where it belongs.


Some of this stuff will go on top of the Yellow bookcase and in the living room. Eventually.

We did discover what happens when you put red white and blue sheets in a front loading washing machine and it goes on spin cycle.


The cats think they got a new toy.


The dining room table is still against the wall and while I initially planned to just buy a new dining room suite, I’m thinking it would be cheaper to just buy 3 or 4 chairs – and none of them matching or the same color.

There are still boxes on the dining room table. And Spawn’s tower is still in the living room.

My bed has not been made. It’s never made.

Don’t ask how long I went between showers. A certain man and I might have a contest to see who is the grimiest of them all.

I did not weave in the ends of the beanie I decided NOT to give to my brother. I don’t like it. I’ll weave them in and send it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army or the local churches thrift store.

No writing was done. Nope.

I DID get almost everything I’ve written transferred to the new Of Elves and Men Fanfiction Site. OEAM was my first archive. I’m rather beholding to them, even if most of the stuff is slash. I think at times, I one of the few hetters around.

I got very little done.

But! I climbed a lighthouse.

It is now time for Beefcake Sunday. Are you ready???


I would call a fire in for this man….


He belongs on a book cover. Hmmm mmmm


Celebrity beefcake.


Future beefcake!


Dwarven Beefcake!

Back to school tomorrow. 7 more weeks. I have a long weekend next weekend – going home. And I think I’m going to take the Friday off the following weekend. My sister is coming down and it’s her birthday. I think I’ll take her somewhere swank and Italian for dinner in the historic district! She and her daughter are touring one of the colleges and we’re going to join her!

Happy Sunday!