I did something I’ve not done in years. 2002, to be exact.

I climbed a lighthouse.

I didn’t do it alone – Spawn was with me. I remembered to take a breather every level. There were 9 in this one.


However, I forgot how scary it is to come down the first 2 levels.

I’m getting old folks.

But after spending pretty much the entire week stuck at home waiting to get the car fixed, (it finally did get fixed Friday morning) he and I decided to screw everything and just go DO something today.


That would be a 3 inch crack in the radiator.

We were told it would rain. It did. Right up until we reached the State Park. And then there was not a cloud in the sky. When we left, it rained. So be it.

I saw something I’ve never seen ALIVE.

A sand dollar. And yes, it was alive. (When Spawn loads his pics, I’ll show you!) Yes, we released it back to the waters whence it came. When we were walking back, 2 ladies were holding a different one – they had no clue what it was.

Because when you’ve seen one, it was dead, and the little hairs bleached off, so it was white. And the little bones shook around.

The water was really cold.

But we had the best time. It was a good day.

IMG_20160319_152216Over by the bush in the middle is a rather large gator. Trying to figure out if it’s Lamar’s mama or not…



An almost better picture of the gator.


On that branch is a turtle. Yep. We did nature today!


That’s not scum. It’s pollen!


Looking up.


This is the original casing for the 2nd order Fresnel light. Making a Fresnel shard is a lost art. (It’s faceted glass that reflects the light.)


Spawn has loved lighthouses since I can remember. Many years ago – 1997 to be exact, he and I took a 4 day off the cuff trip and took off to North Carolina. We traveled north and visited all the lighthouses in North Carolina – Currituck (climbed) Bodie (can’t climb) Cape Hatteras (got there too late to climb, shucky darn and this was before they moved it) visited Kill Devil Hills and then on to Ocracoke (If I ever get married again, that’s where I want to honeymoon)  You have to take a ferry to get on and off Ocracoke. We ended up sleeping in our car when we reached Morehead City because there wasn’t a single room to be found! (That’s another story!)

When then visited Cape Lookout Lighthouse, (Okay, we used the telescope to look at it across the bay) and visited (drove by) Oak Island Lighthouse. (2nd ugliest lighthouse we’ve seen. First ugliest lighthouse is Charleston Bay.) We missed Bald Head Island and didnt’ feel like going back.

Either way, he has a lovely collection of collectible lighthouses that we’ve visited, wind chimes, t-shirts, shoot, his room and bathroom is done in nautical… so this was a treat. He was really happy to get out of the house (so was I) and go do something.


It was so pretty. Spawn said I should have brought Thorin.