So as we all know, my car is in need of a new radiator and fan. This should NOT be a huge problem and according to the mechanic I spoke with on Monday, it wasn’t. I’ll have the part Wednesday, bring it in in the morning, we’ll have it done. I figured Yay! I can still go home for a few days, or Spawn and I can just work in the house, paint a book case, do up some laundry, unpack, head the State Park across the state line, visit and climb a lighthouse. We’re good to go.

Not hardly.

Dropped the car off yesterday morning as we were requested. it was hunky dory, the lady behind the desk said she’d call in a few hours when it was done. We walked down the road about a mile to the local Mickey Dee’s. Their Wifi sucks and you don’t want to know what eating there does to my blood sugar.

She didn’t call.

And didn’t call.

I called ย after lunch and was told, we’ve got the car with the hood up. I’ll let you know.

at 4 PM (remember, I dropped the car off at 8 AM) she calls and says – the part didn’t come on our afternoon truck.

What? I was told you HAD it….

no. Maybe it will come in tomorrow.

We had to walk a mile back – 87 degrees and pollen, folks I do NOT feel well, and she has now copped an attitude. I told her to call me when the part came in as we wasted a day and she responded – I have a better idea, why don’t you call us?

I let the mechanic know I didn’t appreciate it and HE needed to call me when the part came in.

I’ve wasted my entire week over a radiator. I’m this close to calling Toyota, allowing them to give me a loaner and getting a FRICKING LOAN to have that radiator put in. 1150.00 for a radiator, can you believe it???

And oh you know Yelp! is going to hear from me.