Let’s talk about something nice!!!!

Radiator and fan are in. I’ve been asked to come in first thing in the morning. Means another day at McDonald’s. Spawn has offered to drop me off there first and he’ll drop it off and walk back. Apparently, my temper upsets him.

We have decided to go across the state line to a state park with a lighthouse on Saturday. Spend the day. It should be a nice day. Explore. I can say I did something fun during my holiday.

I’d like to say I did something constructive today. Nope. I’m still in my jammies. All day. I went to bed early last night, got up at 3:30 was up for an hour – went back to bad and slept until 9 AM and I wouldn’t have woken up then save the cats were walking all over me. Apparently I missed  breakfast for them this morning. My bad. Spawn has asked me to get dressed. He wants Chinese for dinner.

I’m game.

OH lookie. It’s past Wednesday. Time for Movie Madness.

Day 18 – my favorite comedy.

My life. My life is a comedy. Oh. It’s not filmed. oh well. Lessee…

I have two.


My now ex husband and I watched this one night. We rented it, I want to say either Spawn was an itty bitty baby or I was VERY pregnant when we rented it. We didn’t go OUT a lot, but we did stay in and watch movies together on a rather medium sized television on a pull out couch. Or we ate on the coffee table and watched. We were a family then, one of those few good memories I have of the marriage.

I remember this one. I laughed so hard, we both laughed so hard, we had to pause the movie several times.

And then there is the end and you just go… ooooooooooooooooooh. And your heart just gets ripped out.

The other one is…

You know, sometimes a girl needs a romantic comedy. My sister and I saw this in the theater. We rolled in the floor.

No really. We fell out of our seats and rolled in the floor. It was gross.


Things aren’t showing up. There are just big blank spaces. If it’s not, it’s My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

I have not seen My big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Is it out yet???