Spent yesterday tooling around town. For those who didn’t hear, the quote Toyota gave me was 2 weeks pay. Literally. I found a local mechanic, with good reviews, up the road 2 miles, who quoted me half of that. I can cope. There are a couple of places nearby with internet access where Spawn and I will hang for the day as it’s too far to walk back a forth.

Actually, it ISN’T too far – there just are no sidewalks or paths and after walking that highway with a flat tire 2 weeks ago, I don’t want to take my life into my own hands again any time soon.

And so, my plans today are – TO PAINT THE FUCKING BOOKCASE@!!!

I’ve been saying it now for weeks. If I don’t paint it this week, I’m just going to have an ugly blue bookcase in my dining room. I’d rather not.

In fact, I’d rather…. well….


ahem. Sir Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy….



(NFC Comics is soooooo naughty! LOL! And we know I’m as pure as the driven snow.

I’ve seen snow driven pretty dang hard.)

I bought the kitties a toy. It’s one of those hollow cats that you put treats in and it has a small hole. They have to knock it about to get the treat out and I swear that thing has been all over my living room. Widgette has figured out you have to knock it pretty hard.

For those keeping up, the next installment of Aside from Heaven is up almost everywhere – I just sent it to RASF. It might take it a few days there, but it’s up in all the other places.


Why do I adore this man???

Actually, I adore THIS man…

000000 tumblr_inline_ntxevxgXlJ1s2625u_540

and this one


(I kinda want to run my tongue through that crease!) And I adore this one as welL!


But THIS man does things to my nether regions!


(Notice I did NOT use the term ‘Inner Goddess’. The Muse informed me if I EVER did that, even as a joke, he would set things afire I would not like!)


*cries* Why you so purty?

I am currently reading the latest Lexi Blake. She has been on a hot streak and with this installment, she keeps upping the ante. *fans self* I really should go paint that bookcase…




He’s trying to make me go paint the bookcase….