I kinda forgot about Sunday Beefcake. I will take care of that now. Well, not RIGHT now… but now.

My Spring Break has begun and we – Spawn and myself – are heading to the mechanic (or a few mechanics) to get estimates for the radiator and fan. I’m thinking the 900.00 range (as I’ve gotten one estimate for the radiator at 700.00 and when I looked it up on the internet, I got ranges for 375 – 880.)

Edit: Toyota said 1150.00. That’s 2 weeks paycheck, so I called three local mechanics with good reviews. 650.00 2 miles up the road. Guess where I’m heading??? 

I have no clue how I’m going to do this. Really.

I’ve also decided to celebrate my leather fetish this week. Well, yes, I’m reading the new Lexi Blake, but also, I’m in need of lots of Guy…



I’ve been writing up a blue streak. All three RA fics have been updated in the last 10 days and I’ll update AFH when I get back from running around. I swear right now, that fic is writing itself. Edward II and the Despensers are such GREAT fodder!!!!

And now – since I need to close shop and head out – without any further ado… Beefcake.

Beefcake. Sparticus edition.


Beefcake – Cowboy edition


Beefcake: Fabio Edition.


Beefcake: Brock Edition

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And my favorite….


(Yes yes of course I love his brain as well. He’s the total package!)

Off to see how much the car is going to set me back.