Keith Emerson of Emerson Lake and Palmer has passed away.


I finished my brother’s beanie. I so very much HATE it. Really. Anything I make out of this yarn, I dislike. (Peaches and Cream) which is sad as it’s a very nice cotton. I’m thinking I”m looking at a load of unadorned dishcloths. (It doesn’t show pattern very well.)

I’m all upset. Now I have to find a different yarn to make his beanie in. I’m just going to weave the ends in and send the damn thing to Goodwill. Really don’t like.

My radiator has a leak and has shorted out one of radiator fans. I’m seeing a loan from the Credit Union in my near future. Dammit. I don’t think I’m going to get to go home this week.

NOT! How I wanted to start my Spring Vacay!!!