And movie stuff.

As of 4 PM tomorrow – that would be 4PM GuyDay – my Spring break begins! And then we have 8 weeks of school left. Maybe 7. Nope. 8 weeks.

Our kids are going berserk. Even my GOOD classes this week have been horrid. And my bad classes??? Please. I am currently walking wounded. Yes. That’s what I said. Walking. Wounded. Don’t ask. It’s damned embarrassing. And what’s more embarrassing is one my of my little ones told me if that happened again (what caused me to become wounded) he would personally hit the person or persons who caused me to be… well… wounded.

My knight in shining armor is 3 feet tall. Yes. Very embarrassed.

4 PM tomorrow can NOT come soon enough.

My Muses are screaming, I need to unpack and my mother wants me home for spring break and home for Easter – the 2 do not coincide. Go figure.

Either way and anyhow, it is now time for this weeks installment of Movie Madness.

Day huh? Favorite drama.

I had a hard time with this one – hence why I’m posting late. I’m not normally a drama kinda person. But there is one….

Snowcake. Starring Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver. Alan has done several things that are near and dear to me for personal reasons. Something the Lord Made came in a close second. For those who don’t know, Something the Lord Made is based on the true story of the development of the BT Shunt – the surgery that saved my son’s life as an infant. Alan played one of the doctors  who developed the proceedure. But I’m also in love with SnowCake, which involved a man who gives a young woman a lift, only to be in a horrific accident (not his fault) in which she dies. He breaks the news to her mother.

Unaware that her mother is autistic.


This one I enjoyed and really should sit down and watch again. At some point, I’m going to have an Alan Rickman marathon – probably this summer.

Oh and for those who didn’t know, I updated The Shepherd this week as well as Raising Nemo.