I’m at Starbucks. Spawn and I come twice a week to download large items – as it seems we have a limit at the abode – and I like to go places where quite frankly, Internet Provider – ’tis none of your business that I go! I’m an adult, k?

Either way, there is a lovely specimen of manhood sitting at the table across from me. I’ve seen him before and I admit that I look for him now when we come. he has a beautiful welcoming smile and appears to be quite lovely.

No, I’ve not approached him. I’ve not accosted him. I’ve not propositioned him. I’m simply looking at… his biceps… and that lovely scruffy beard… his way cutie patootie profile.

He’s too frickin’ young for me, okay? Not to mention he’s gorgeous as hell and I’m fair, fat and over 50!


But it’s okay to look.

In other news, Richard is deleting tweets again. Going by so fast, I can feel the breeze.