This weekend has gone by too quickly. And I’ve been damn lazy to boot! Planned to paint that big bookcase. It needs to be done. I’ve got a busy week planned… knitting on Tuesday – I’ve not been knitting in over a month. And Wednesday, Spawn and I are going to a local basketball game. Whooot.

But I’ve spent the weekend on my behind, with my feet propped up – ankles are coming back. Ah me. I should be able to walk tomorrow!

And writing. Hoping to have some Gary for you next weekend! Yippee!!!


Beefcake! Comin’ at ‘cha!!!


I like Brock, k???


I wouldn’t say no to this man either!!!! Sam’s just hawt!

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Big hats, big pecs and big buckles. Yep.


Ah yes. My favorite beefcake… complete with scruffitage and a hint of armpitatage…

How has your weekend been?