After an incredibly trying week (incident that required stitches – not for me – and a mop and gloves, and an incident where a violent domestic dispute between 2 adults was graphically recounted to me in minute detail by an eye witness who was much much much too young to witness it.) it dawned on me that I had been waddling for 3 days. I took off my shoes last night after dinner (which I will discuss shortly) in which I discovered my ankles had taken off somewhere and I was left with none.

My son informed me when we got home, I was finding the ottoman and my feet were to stay up on it all weekend. We have serious leftovers and he’s quite capable of heating them and bringing them to me.

He also mentioned ‘more water less soft drinks’

Spoil sport!

I think I”m going to contact Kindle and return this fire. It refuses to go online at the house, meaning I can’t download books, the 32G card they suggested I purchase, is USELESS for books, which is what I really want to use it for. The videos and pictures I’ve taken won’t transfer to the chip and now I can’t go online at Starbucks because the 8G is full so my only alternative is to move them via hook up to my computer, except NONE of the computers in the house (3 of them) will acknowledge the kindle. Am most upset.

Spawn and I have fallen into an old habit, albeit a nice one. We cook Monday – Thursday, go out on Friday night, eat leftovers all weekend (leftovers are also his lunch) and enjoy Sunday dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Traditionally, we go somewhere we’ve not been EVER – or eventually, somewhere we’ve not been in a while, on Friday. Being in a new city and close to many other places, I see us eating somewhere new for a long time.  Last night, we went to Wild Wings Cafe and I got a small combo platter – wings in a lovely peanuty Thai sauce and boneless riblettes with a honey ginger bbq sauce. I’m in love. The place also appears to have a live band on Saturdays. Hmmmmm….

Seeing how we cant find a decent Chinese restaurant in this place (we’ve not ventured over the border yet) this little cafe might become a staple.

All of my muses – including Gary – have been clamoring for time in my head for some weeks. The next installment of The Shepherd is ready to go – was ready when I found the Lost Chapter of Roland FitzGisborne. I’ve laid out and am working on the next Nemo chapter. Gary is a slow, but thorough mover. I’ve also laid out the next chapter of William Edward’s saga. I’m hoping that due to the work and research I did for the last chapter, this chapter should write itself. Almost.

Please note: The things I mentioned in the first paragraph I am not treating lightly in anyway shape or form. Nor am I ignoring them or making light of such. It was a horrific week.