What it says!

It is COLD here on the coast and I’m feeling lazy. No church, heck I didn’t put on clothes until 3 PM!!! No one wants to cook in this house – meaning my son doesn’t want to cook in this house!

Going through the house, I realize that at this moment, it’s more put together than my home further down the coast that we were in for 4 years. Of course, it already had window treatments up (blinds) and sadly I kept a blanket hooked up in the bathroom the entire time. I never really got unpacked – the 3rd bedroom was stacked to the ceiling and there were always boxes and a mess all over. I didn’t have a single picture up anywhere! Ever! But yeah, right now, I’m managing to get pictures hung as I go and unpacking a little at a time. I got my buffet set up, plugged up, windexed, and I actually have pretty things – including my nice dishes that we’ve been eating on for over a month now, in it. Mom brought the Corelle I bought at the discount store (Goodwill) so I am happy with my nice GOOD dishes put away where it can be seen and not used.

Yes, I have pictures. Next time my kindle is plugged into the computer, I’ll show you!

I have blown my book budget for the next 2 and a half months. Yes, I allow myself x amount of buckies (not many.) each month for books – yeah, books I’m putting on the kindle and not reading. Well, I am reading them, just not at the rate I was. Of course, I’m writing up a blue streak and unpacking and working… so I’m chipping away at the wish list and trying NOT to add to it.

However February 1st, the next installment of Crispin Guest came out and after waiting and fretting for 2 weeks… I broke down and bought it.

14.99 for an ebook. I’m in shock! I gifted 3 hardbacks (used – the first 3 of the series) to a friend for Christmas and even they were pricey. Now I know why! But I have loved the series so far and the reviews have been great on it so I’m not worried I’ll be disappointed.

I AM perturbed that Shelfari – which I love  -and Goodreads – which I find ponderous to surf – are merging. No, they aren’t merging – Shelfari is shutting it’s doors in a month and they are requesting  we move our lists and such to Goodreads.

I said thank you, no.

So now I’m being bad and eating chocolate. Sigh.

Also trying to ignore what today is.

Yes, I know it’s Beefcake Sunday, I didn’t mean that!

So…. we have new pictures of Richard – who looks gorgeous, so we’re seeing those beefcake pictures. I like him in a vested suit! I know some don’t, but I’m rather partial to them!

Okay, I’ve teased long enough. Time for SUNDAY BEEFCAKE (please hear the reverb in your head please.)


I like Brock, k??? I’d tap that!


I might have posted him before… can’t remember… those nipples look familiar. Still nice to look at.

images (13)

KarlKarlKarl… hmmm mmmmm mmmmm

(How many of you recognize Eomer, King of Rohan without his long locks, beard and helmet with the horse tail???)

AND my favorite beefcake (and probably yours too if you follow me….)


I wouldn’t say no to be wrapped up in a hug with that man. NosireeBob!!!!