Didn’t get in until 8 PM last night. We took a late dinner at our favorite go-to spot – a hole in the wall BBQ that has the BEST ribs. We had a nice visit last night and this morning and then we took them to the island to the absolute BEST breakfast restaurant on the coast. They liked the house, my mom gave me some pointers for my curtains and they are now heading down the coast to visit with my nephew and 2 of her brothers.

Funny. She rode me the entire time my furniture and ‘junk’ was in storage and this morning after sleeping in my bed (I slept on my comfy couch) she told me considering my mattress is 20 years old, it’s as comfortable as her miracle foam topper on her brand new mattress. Heh! Take that! They might head back our way Monday afternoon on their way back. I told Spawn we’d make tagletelli for dinner. They brought our rolling chairs, my vacuum cleaner, my dishes that I bought up there at Christmas and COMPLETELY forgot about… and a bunch of I do not know what.

I’m concerned about them. The way is straight shot. Very easy and he made wrong turns 4 times and got lost and ended up all over the state.

But when we went to the island for breakfast, we then took them to the beach, which was like 100 yards up the road and took pictures. It was worth it to hear both of them gasp when we got over the bridge and you could see the ocean. I don’t think they’ve been to the beach in years and years.


55 years of marriage. It looks good on them.

(My kindle fire took that picture!!! Sheesh! You know, it connects EVERYWHERE but my wifi. Go figure that!)

OH! I found my Blue Girls and got them hung up!!!


I should take pictures of my CLEAN LIVING ROOM – like that rarely happens!!! HAH!

Close ups for Guylty