Living Room clean.

Kitchen clean.

Dining room, in a semblance of sorta clean.

My room, bed unmade, but other wise, uncluttered.

My bathroom clean

Family room, tolerable.

The house doesn’t smell of cat, or litter, or trash. YAY!  I’m leaving Spawn a list of to do.

  • Vacuum the Dining room. Remember to take the hose and do along the edge of the patio door.
  • Make sure ALL TRASH is out.
  • Clean your bathroom – toilet, sink, all of it. Put everything away under the sink You know how she is.
  • Please clean really good all the litter boxes. Dig deep. Put fresh kitty litter deodorant in it. The Laundry Room one is done.
  • Please vacuum the living room. And the hall.
  • Please pull the yellow curtains back in the living room. Let the sun in
  • Go through the house and pick up the little stuff in the floor.
  • Make your bed
  • Clean your room. It’s not bad and there isn’t that much room so it shouldn’t take long.
  • Roll up your inflatable air mattress. You can’t get to your closet!
  • Make sure all the oil deodorizers are fresh. (I think we did most of them last night.)
  • Make sure I’ve plugged in the air wick oil deodorizer in the laundry room. (I did!) 
  • Please please please finish the breakfast room.
  • At noon. turn on your wax melt in your bathroom and turn on mine.
  • I’ll make my bed when I get home.

They’ll be here when I get home.

Do you think I went overboard???

I don’t know if y’all understand – I love my mother. I do I do I do, but when it comes to the house, she’s beyond anal and makes me a nervous wreck. The ONLY time she came to my house down the coast, besides to pack me up, rather than spend the day sight-seeing and going to the beach – SHE CLEANED MY HOUSE! ALL DAY!!!! And it wasn’t messy. That woman will make a mess to clean up. She FINDS messes. STOP LOOKING UNDER THE BED MOM! Is what you’ll hear me holler the most.

I’ll be a mess all day.

It’s GuyDay. I need some Guy. I also need that lovely new Valentine’s RAPS by Guylty. But here…. have some in stock Sir Sexy Pants.

Well, I’ll insert Sir Sexy Pants when the system will allow me to upload in stock pictures! Sheesh!






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Sorry not sorry