So this morning I get a review for Manna – and they tell me how much they love it, despite no romance.

I’m thinking – the next to the last chapter has romance. Roland comes home and does his wife from one end of their apartments to the other… and I go look.

Nope. Not posted. NO WHERE!

How on EARTH did I forget to post an entire chapter!!! And then I saw the notes written at the bottom. Phone numbers, links…. the thing was finished up when I got my job and everything got set down for some weeks.

Oh shit.

So now that I Just POSTED a chapter, I need to wait a week and then post it, and then a week after that move it into place….

shit. shit. shit… I’m not even seeing betaing on it anywhere. Shit.

Oh Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuytyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….

(PS glad I took today off. Woke up at 7AM in a world of hurt. Having breakfast and then pain killers. I am such a wuss!)