It has not been a stellar day. As most of you know, I’m having a difficult recovery from a tooth extraction. You know, my root canal was a breeze, I’ve had fillings, what not, my wisdom teeth – all four – had to be pulled. This was the most PAINFUL dental anything I’ve ever had.

My son is mad at me because we’re not going to be able to go to the basketball game tonight. I know he wants out, but the thought of getting up and going to work tomorrow is killing me. Really.

That and the realization I left out an entire chapter of Roland’s arc in Aside from Heaven has just thrown me for a loop.

And it’s cold! I got up this morning to windchill of 21. I’ve been sitting in the sun in my big comfy chair with a book and my kindle fire takes FOREVER to charge. Really. FOUR-EV-AH! This is ridiculous. And the wifi hooks up to everything BUT my wifi. Go figure that.

Oh and the chip I bought for the books won’t hold the books.


So, some silliness.

Movie Madness – Name a movie that is a guilty pleasure.

First off, why on earth should something that gives me pleasure, make me feel guilty???  I don’t get this at all!

OKay, I’m going to strain here, k???

Two of them probably –


#1 – Into the Storm. Now I know there are people who hated the movie. I know people who were dissing it before it was released! Why??? Richard is supposed to nothing but art pieces and high velocity adventure deep roles that every actor with hairy balls is supposed to want to do and this was – in the words of one Facebooker – ‘beneath him’…

How would she know? She hadn’t even seen it! And who are you to decide what roles Richard takes or doesn’t???

I liked it. We saw it for free with the giveaway and then saw it a few times after that in the theater. Accept it for what it is – a bang ’em up, toss big things about summer storm flick. It’s quite delightful.

There is also the added plus of a hot, wet, dad!


I’d hit that – a bunch!!!

The other film that makes the Guilty Pleasure list is a shoot-em-up action adventure of political intrigue. Not normally my fare at all.

Red. Retired, Extremely Dangerous.

Except it was funny – it really was – and it had Karl Urban in it (I was writing a lot of Rohirrim at the time, so Karl was a person of interest. He was also married at the time and I don’t perv on married men…)

For the record, Helen Mirren’s character in this is who I see as Mama FitzGisborne.