This tooth was deeply rooted and didn’t want to come out. They had to numb me three times and the dentist finally told me to breath 5 times… it finally came out. And that was with me listening to the melted chocolate voice of Richard.

They had Wifi my kindle hooked into and I downloaded all of my audibles and several kindles while I was at it.

Either way, I’m numb to the back side of my ear, I’ve taken pain meds, that is helping SOME but not a lot. I see the ibuprofen being dug into shortly as well. I’m enthroned on my big chair and ottoman, have my laptop, kindle, and a movie – I told Michael to just pick one and he brought me Into the Storm. I think I”m going to ask for some yogurt and applesauce shortly and then take the ibuprofen as well. I think I’ll take tomorrow off as well. I have kitties at my feet. They seem upset that I’m not well.

Discovered my insurance covers 100% of my meds. That’s great news. Also came home to these…


Aren’t they beautiful??? The cats like them too!


I’m going to be silly and edit the next installments of Aside and Shepherd. Please be kind if I screw it up.