Right here! Every Sunday.

I am falling back into old habits – meaning I’m so intent on collecting books and not reading them. Not a good sign. I’ve been fighting with my PC Kindle, old Kindle and now my Kindle Fire… I’m fighting more over electronics and not READING the damn things.

I seem to have come to an agreement of sorts with the PC Kindle. I’ll use the new update – seeing how they’ve screwed up all the OLD updates in this one that nothing can be read on them – and just deal with the fact I can’t scroll across with my folders (with the right click. I can scroll DOWN with the left click. THis only affects the last 30 folders) and while they’ve fixed the problem with the books imported from other places – meaning they’re putting the title and author on them, I’m still stuck with trying to read the itty bitty writing on the cover.

The Fire is refusing to go online again. Sigh. I need to download books some books. I’m going to be down for the count come Tuesday afternoon. One molar, coming out.

But I have the living room cleaned and my reading chair all plumped and ready to go. Just need some BOOKS on my kindle.

Have you ever seen anyone prepare to be doped up and unresponsive????

So right now…. beefcake. Time for Beefcake! Where’s the beef??? Why it’s right here!


some people don’t need nipple piercings. He doesn’t.


hmmmm mmmmmm … nice Winchester you’ve got there.


notice cowboys like those big… belt buckles????

and last….


This man in need of a bath is still simply beautiful!

No, I’m not counting chest hairs. You aren’t either.

I”m not bothering with beefcake fails this week. I’m just going to look/stare/obsess over that last picture.

Hmmmm mmmmm mighty fine.