So I’m skipping a few of the questions, as I don’t care and I don’t have them… but this one… yeah, I can answer.

My favorite movie by a director I don’t care for. 

I don’t care for JJ Abrams. I don’t like what he did to Star Trek. Bad enough he destroyed canon so he didn’t have to worry about it – but he even admitted to Stephen Colbert – the geekiest geek of them all – that he didn’t LIKE Star Trek as a kid, didn’t watch it…

I thought Stephen would have a seizure.

But apparently, he LOVED Star Wars. Good.

I remember watching the first one many any times, my senior year in HS. It showed in a 2 screen theater up above my parents print shop in Florida. We would go down in the summer (it showed for a year! Unheard of now!) and hit the matinee and then we’d hide in the bathroom between movies. We’d see it several times a day. Bad of us, I know. But it kept us off the street and out of our parents hair.

I was not so thrilled with the 2nd trilogy, although I don’t share the hate for Jar Jar Binks. But JJ… I don’t want to say he redeemed himself, just thank you for not fucking it up.

Although, that ONE character… oh you better make it worth my while. Of ALL the beloved characters to do that to…


I don’t want to spoil anything, although you SHOULD have seen it by now and you should know this… but honestly, I think Leia stepped out on Han at least once… their kid looks like Snape. Think about it!


The boy is too thin. I don’t know what kind of diet his so-called mentor has him on, but he needs a cheeseburger.

Edit: Just for shits and giggles.