Tomorrow’s high here will be 75 and sunny.

Have some Richard!


Tuesday’s high will be 75 and partly cloudy.

Here, have some Richard.


I prefer Richard without hair on his forehead. I was going to say ‘bangless’ but I’d bang him in a heartbeat…

Wednesday’s high will be 73 and it’s going to pour rain. I’ll be in rainboots all day, I’m sure.

Here have some Richard.

Jollys edit

Thursdays high will be 59 and it’s going to pour the rain some more. Meh Here. Have some warm and cuddly Richard.


Friday’s high will be 55 with the low going down to almost freezing. How I”m staying well in this, I do NOT know.

I have Richard to keep me warm. Here. Have some Richard. Sure to get you all hot and bothered.


Now see, I’m supposed to follow this up with beefcake and it’s time for Zee Reads as well.  And I’ve given you beefcake, of the Richard variety…. a bit more won’t hurt.


hmmmm mmmmm….

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Yaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssss….. Fabio….


Guylthy… he has rope….. hmmm mmmmmm


My ovaries are trying to ovulate. This is not good.


I have the extreme need to reach out and touch… things…  I wonder if he’s ticklish?

And now… yes… the first installment of 2016, Zee Reads.

I’ve not done a lot of reading this month. Actually, I have done a bit but some was repeated, necessary rereading. Work has me over the spanking bench. William Edward is tearing me up, I’ve ripped written pages out because in my analness of being true to history, I messed something up and missed something else and it has to be corrected.

Ah well.

This month there were repeats and beautiful things and one I got tired of and simply went to the last chapter part way through…

m and m

For starters, I reread the first 3 books of the Masters and Mercenaries series. I love these books. They don’t ever get old. Guylty was telling me she was rereading Liam – that boy will just tear your heart out. She has 2 other series I’m going to read, as well as 3 new books coming out in the next 2 months. And to make my heart explode, I’ve discovered she has 3 series written under another name – Sophie Oak. Yes, I have them and yes, you know what’s going on my new Kindle when it comes in tomorrow.

(I bought a kindle fire ON SALE at Amazon – it still might be on sale – for 49.99. I was going to buy a refurbished paperwhite, but this was still cheaper and it’s new! I splurged and bought a 32 G memory card, so I’ll have 40G of books on it. Yes I’m already getting a folder together to load that bad boy up!!! )

I’ve also obtained her writing partner’s books – Shayla Black, as well as Annabell Jospeh – who has my reading group in a hot flash, please have mercy, sweat! Folks, I’m warning you now, this year is going to be a BDSM D/s splurge fest. Hmmm mmmmm

The Adamas Blueprint - Copy

When I purchased this one, it was The Adamas Blueprint. I rather like this author. Every now and again, I like a good action-adventure thriller and he delivers. I do pity the poor Mustang in this one. People should take better care of their cars.

The Salt Bride - Copy

A Regency – Georgian Romance, full of miscommunication and hurt feelings. I would have slapped him right off the bat. Taking notes on how NOT to deal with my Regency Reincarnation of Guy. (It was well-written and interesting. A good book, but I would have smacked the man.)

Solitude - Copy

This was a welcome home reread. I read it in it’s original form on DreamerFiction and was glad to see she published it. If you didn’t read it in its original form, do yourself a favor and read it now. The good doctor is like a … okay he’s not warm and cuddly, but his dog is!

The goldfinch - Copy

I spoke of this one this morning. I am about 1/3rd of the way through it and there is simply NO JOY in this book. Richard started he’d read it and liked it so… that was rec enough for me. But again, he likes melancholy dryer books and I need a light at the end of the tunnel. I read to escape the heaviness of my life and this just weighed me down. I decided I have too many books I want to read (see above) and I want to laugh and get warm fuzzies, not totally given to me by my fat cat shedding on my feet. Lots of graphic kinky sex is good too. As long as there is plot. Plot and hot kinky sex. Whoo boy. This book doesn’t have that.

I had hoped to have the next chapter of William Edward’s sage done. Nope. Like I said, I ended up tearing out a good deal of it. I remember that Edward II and Hugh the Younger were absolute douchebags those last couple of years, but I forgot what they did to Isabella. I had to resit things. William’s role just got bigger.

So, yes, lots to read…

But here. Have some Richard!



TBH – the rest are nice to look at, but he’s all the beefcake I need.