now isn’t the time to brag that it was 68 and sunny in my neck of the woods today.

Nope. No gloating. I didn’t get to enjoy it. I called in a sub, made sure work was left for my youngin’s and I turned off my alarm, drank a pot of ginger/lemon/honey tea and hit the bed at 9:00. Slept 12 hours.  Funny, how well one sleeps with a warm kitty at their feet. I can think of only one other living creature that would be better to sleep with…



Yasssssssssssssss but I digress.

And now it’s time for MOVIE MADNESS!!!!

Day 8: Least favorite movie by your favorite actor. Well, we know Richard is my favorite actor. How on EARTH did that happen?? Oh yeah, bearditage, bulkitage, gorgeoustage…

Least favorite movie??? Honest? Miss Marie Lloyd.

I will be skipping the next two – Least favorite movie by my favorite actress (I don’t have a favorite actress) least favorite movie of my favorite director – don’t have one of those either.

Now off to yell at Amazon Kindle support. This PC Kindle is going to be the bane of my existence.