Installment 7

Good morning and welcome to Installment 7. Loaded question today.

Not really.

What is the 5th dvd from the right on your movie shelf?

Here’s the load. I have SEVERAL shelves…. I’m going to deal with 4 of them.

I have ONE shelf devoted to Tolkien/Richard. So the 5th from the right would be The Two Towers.

This clip of course has Gimli and my beloved Rohirrim. I stand corrected after watching this. My darling Gamling had TWO lines in The Two Towers, not one.

Next up, Comanche Moon, where THIS cowboy is found…

images (13)

A little bit of beefcake for you…

Yes, that would be New Zealander Karl Urban doing a Western-Texas twang.

3rd is John Wayne’s BIg Jake

And Last…. but certainly NOT least…

I think that needs a rewatch!

Y’all have a good day. It’s hump day!

(Pssst! Gary has been talking to me. Maybe you’ll get some cookies by early next week!!!)