I have lots to do today, soooo I’m going knock out a bunch of birds with one stone! Except the year end stats. I’ll do that tomorrow. But everything else is today!

First, I hope and pray that the best day of your 2015 is your worst of 2016. Read that closely.

2015 brought a LOT of changes for me and mine. Most of it welcome. Some of it dicey at best.

Last Sunday, Spawn and I spent it at our home church up in NE Georgia. Pastor spoke of change and that we needed to be prepared. God doesn’t put us in comfortable places when He has work for us to do. He takes us from our comfort zone and puts us somewhere that pretty much probably is uncomfortable and we learn and grow from the experience. I’m pretty danged uncomfortable right now. Really. I’ve got a cat that’s hiding, a house in disarray, curtain rods that will NOT stay up on the wall.

But I’m working, even if it’s not my dream job. I’m playing piano again. My son is here. Bills are being paid and there’s a little bit left over. My car is running. All that I survey is mine… well it’s rented, but it’s mine. My stuff, my furniture, my place. I’m reading lots, somehow, I’m learning new skills. My next knitting project will be gloves. Or socks. I have yarn for both. I’m using power tools. WHRRRRRRRRRRR! I’ve moved furniture by myself.

Damn. I’m too old to move furniture by myself.

I realized that no matter how hard we look, we will not find a carbon copy of our home church down here or the pastor who seems to speak to your soul every single time you need to hear it. But we’re going to find what we need. God put me here for a reason. Whether for my sake or a child’s sake or even another adult that I’m going to come in contact with. I’m here, Spawn is here, planted like chess pieces for a reason.

Wow. That was deep. Sorry, folks. Let me reward you with some Richard before I continue.


There. He makes lots of stuff better.

Spawn does not move well. He told me he was packed. He wasn’t. At all. If you thought my car was stuffed when I made my initial foray down here, it was nothing compared to the car yesterday. And we are going back on MLK Day to get another load. Chances are very good that I will just break down and rent a small truck. SMALL truck. Dad said he’d drive it and he and mom will make an adventure of it and take the bus back home.

For some odd reason, they think the bus will be romantic or some shit. I’d rather see them take the train. But that’s probably what we’ll do. I have a wood bench and some big things and it will probably just be easier to do that.

We experienced incredibly WARM weather for Christmas. 70’s. It was warmer here on the coast, but where I was, which was north of where I live, was in the 70’s.

Of course yesterday, as I packed and loaded angry cats and drove, it frickin’ poured the rain. Yes, it was in the 70’s when I arrived before 8 PM, but it was still frickin’ pouring the rain.

Shit. I need more Richard.


Only one other person I know that looks this good in a mullet and that’s my baby brother.

Either way,  mozzying along… (that’s Southern-fried for moving along)

The movie thing. I left my list and answer and clips here at the house, so now that I’m back…

Day 5 – A movie that reminds you of someone.

People! ALL of Richard’s movies remind me of…. RICHARD!!!!

dat hair 01

dat hair 02 (2)


Face it, the man is majestic!

Warner Bros. Pictures And Legendary Pictures Preview - "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"  - Comic-Con International 2012

SAN DIEGO, CA – JULY 14: Actor Richard Armitage participates in Warner Bros. Pictures And Legendary Pictures Preview – “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” – Comic-Con International 2012 held at San Diego Convention Center on July 14, 2012 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

I so love a burly man.

So there.

Lastly, we come to the year end of Zee Reads.  I completed my way huge challenge and I read MORE than 50 books. I want to say I reached the 70’s. I just counted. 70. I read 70 books this year. Not to shabby considering I was doing the job hunt thing and the moving thing and the knitting thing. That’s a lot of books.

First up – I finished all of the published Crispin Guest books.


What I like about her is she has no qualms of tackling sensitive, religious (Christian) subjects. Specifically artifacts and mythological relics. The Alchemist’s Stone and the tip of the spear that pierced Christ’s side at his crucifixion in these two installments and she treats them with great respect, which I appreciate. Crispin is growing, ever-changing, with his world, his situation, and political surroundings, as is Jack and it’s an interesting process to read. Typically with a long series, your protagonist doesn’t grow, they remain the same book in, book out. Crispin has – I don’t want to say morphed, but he’s changed. Trust me, he still has his feet firmly planted in two worlds – who he used to be class wise and who he now is class wise. But we’re seeing that change in what he aspires to become… which I think is a beautiful process to watch.

Now I have to wait until February when the next installment comes out. I COULD try her other series.

I see my To Read list for 2016 growing ever larger. This series, Lexi Blake’s other series, the series I laid aside for The Challenge – Jane Finnis, Terri Reed, Louisa Locke…

Ooooh…. Lexi has THREE books from Masters and Mercenaries coming in the first few months of 2016. Whooot!!!!

Next up –

This really needs to be reedited and republished in ONE book. 4 novellas I read back to back in a single sitting and finished in a few hours.

It’s an interesting premise. Paranormal Urban Fantasy. Evil Demons no one can see unless you were attacked by them and lived. Vampires who hunt them and stay away from humans. Humans who hunt them and have no clue there are vampires. Some of it is cliched. Much of it, in fact.

The series desperately needs a serious over-all in editing. Originally, I thought the writer was a not a native English speaker and had self-published, however according to the source, she is from New England. So now I’m wondering if she is perhaps an Aspie or high functioning Autistic. Verb tenses are off. Way off and her use of vocabulary is odd. I recognize it from speaking with my son, who as some of you know has Asperger’s. Sometimes, words to describe a feeling is used as a verb. A lot. Many times words are used to describe things that aren’t descriptive words. Or verbs are use to describe feelings or something that isn’t a verb. Adjectives are used incorrectly. Like as nouns.

While this might put most off, I simply found it interesting and made me wonder.

And last…

Magic Bites

It would seem for some odd reason that this month, I was drawn to Paranormal Urban Fantasy.

Truth is, I googled ‘Books that take place in Atlanta’. This was on it and I had it – came as a free read that I get so many of from Amazon. There is a series and it is being added to the pile of Series to Continue in 2016 as I’m not doing a Challenge save to read books! It’s good. Funny. Vampires, Demons, and Weres live amongst us. You can hire them, fire them, hide from them, whatnot. Early on, I wanted to curse the Sookie Sackhouse phenom for saturating us with Vampire and Shifters are Real Oh My! flood that we’ve had for a while, but this is darker than Sookie. Sookie drives me nuts. This didn’t.

By the same token, I should be equally irate with the amazing amount of Doms who just happen to be billionaires flood. Seeing how I’m (re) writing one, I’ll pass on the bashing.

Right now, I’m going to take a shower. I’ve turned my hot water heater up to boiling as it’s been down on vacation for over a week, so if you hear screaming, well, that’s just me in a uber hot shower.

Maybe Barbossa will come out of his hidey hole. It worries me… I can NOT find that cat!!!