So this package arrived today, that according to the sender and the priority tape, was supposed to arrive a week ago yesterday Friday, but hey better late than never…

and the package was beat to hell and back…

(I could say something about government run entities, but I won’t, not here…)

but there were still lovely INTACT things inside….



Nope. Just kidding. Had this package been HIM, there would have been an earthquake and tsunami felt around the world. And you would not hear from me or him for a year!!!! At least! To start!!!!


He’s a happy camper. We’re going to be eating good!!!!




Someone not only knows what my favorite color is, they also know what my favorite gem is. (No, it is not ruby or onyx or sapphire…)



Ignore my fat ass and goofy smile. For those who can’t SEE what it is…


Tadah!!!! (It says Battle of the Five Armies, extended with 9 hours of extras!) I’m planning on a marathon of 6 extendeds when we get home!!! I might be quiet for some days and no unpacking will be done!)

Of course, I’m thanking the one who sent it. They know who they are.