This was Christmas…


And that was WITH me doubling my glimiperide Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Meh

And He –


was NOT under my tree. Or next to it or near it.





I finished my niece’s wrist warmers which she loved. My sister then tells me the pair I made her last year are way too big and can I make her a pair in black in the same yarn and size I made my niece’s in, as they fit perfectly.

I will be making wrist warmers for the rest of my life. I would like to attempt SOCKS and GLOVES this year…

I didn’t finish my brother’s beanie. I ran out of yarn and I don’t have double endeds in 5’s. I have 2,3, and 8’s… so later today, I’m off to the store for 5 double endeds, and more black yarn. Maybe 3’s will do.


Spawn got sweaters for Christmas and electronic gadgets. I got a movie gift certificate…we are going to see Star Wars this weekend. The 1950’s -aged theater in the little hamlet above us is showing it – or was when I left. If they are still showing it when we return next week, we’ll go see it there. Check out the nostalgia.

I hope y’all had a wonderful day yesterday, whether you celebrate or not. I think I’m going to turn into a Christmas ham and peanut butter buckeyes.