OH Christmas Treeeeeeeeeeeeeee….SSPX02711

You’re going BACK to Goodwill!!!!

Now to find my receipt.


the base is cracked and one of the legs won’t stay in. I’ve tried superglue, glue gun… nope. Not havin’ it.  I soooo hoped to have a little bit of Christmas here waiting on Spawn when he officially arrives next Monday, but… it’s not to be. I think I’ll clean up the mess – this tree sheds as much as a real one –


and just put up his Christmas train.

For the record, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree are sold out and Fred’s scrawny nasty things are 40.00, which is more than I have this pay period. I have decided to be gracious and NOT return the dead mouse that came with the tree, although I would happily return the live lizard that popped out of the box, however the poor thing has gone into hiding since I saw him come out of the box and I have no clue where he is. I’m certain Widgette will deal with him once she arrives.

I am keeping the christmas bulbs. (lights)