One of my older students hurt my feelings.

Now, I know it’s stupid to let a child hurt your feelings, and never before has a child gotten to me, but this was a nasty, vicious, personal attack and mean-spirited and yeah, it hurt.

(He made a derogatory comment about the size of that which I sit on and what I didn’t need to eat because of it.)

However, on the flip side this morning, I have my most spirited kinders and one little boy is especially rambunctious. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s cute as a button, and really a good kid, his energy level is something to admired… on a playground!

Either way, he comes in and says – I’m going to be REALLY good today because I want to be your Student of the Day! 

I’m good with that and I figure he’ll last maybe 10 minutes. Maybe. We’re singing Christmas Carols today and I’ve got out my class set of jingle bells, so it’s noisy down my way and kids aren’t containing themselves very well!

But he REALLY was good. He was The Awesome! I was so proud, so at the end of class, I tell him – Dude, you are my Star Student! And I grab my Star Student Pumpkin (which is full of funky pencils and neon erasers and gel grips) and he shakes his head.

Nope! I wanna kiss! 

And he puckers up!

He got a pencil anyway – and yes, I kissed him on the forehead. He was good with that.

Sometimes, I wonder about my choice in professions, you know? And then something like this happens and I know I did the right thing.