why has thou forsaken me.

Sorry Lord.

Murphys Wood Oil Soap is a wonderful thing. My piano LOOKS better, certainly doesn’t sound better. I’m going to need help moving the television into the family room, but as I need to make a place for it, it can stay where it is because the piano needs to be moved down and I can’t do that by myself either. My bedroom is going to have to rearranged sooner than later as well. As in this weekend must be rearranged. The set up is NOT working.

But living room furniture has been vacuumed and 9 books are on various shelves. I’m making progress. Obviously, I need a distraction!

Somewhere, a Lady Butterfly has begun a movie challenge and I’ve enjoyed Esther’s installments. For some niggling reason, I’ve decided to take up the challenge. I won’t be doing ALL the questions – I’m not really hip into a single director or actress… note I didn’t say I don’t have a favorite actor. That’s a lie and we all know it!

Ahem. The Challenge

Day 1 – Your favourite movie
Day 2 – A movie you hate
Day 3 – A movie that makes you feel happy
Day 4 – A movie that makes you feel sad
Day 5 – A movie that reminds you of someone
Day 6 – The first movie you ever saw in a cinema
Day 7 – The 7th DVD/BluRay movie from the right on your shelf
Day 8 – The best movie score/music
Day 9 – Least favourite movie of your favourite actor
Day 10 – Least favourite movie of your favourite actress
Day 11 – Least favourite movie of your favourite director
Day 12 – A movie that you like by a director that you do not usually enjoy
Day 13 – A guilty pleasure
Day 14- The best movie-baddie ever
Day 15 – The best movie adaptation of a book
Day 16 – A movie that just has to be seen in the cinema
Day 17 – Your favourite drama
Day 18 – Your favourite comedy
Day 19 – Your favourite action movie
Day 20 – Your favourite romantic movie
Day 21 – Your favourite sci fi / fantasy movie
Day 22 – Your favorite horror film
Day 23 – Your favorite war movie
Day 24 – Your favorite thriller
Day 25 – Your favorite western
Day 26 – A movie you feel you should see that you have never seen before
Day 27 – Your favourite non English-language movie
Day 28 – Your favourite animated film or children’s film
Day 29 – A new movie you are most looking forward to
Day 30 – The next movie you plan to watch at the cinema

Day 1: Your Favorite Movie.

This is going to come as a shock to probably most of you. My favorite movie isn’t any of the Tolkien movies, although they do rank up there. It’s NOT a Richard movie. It’s been my favorite movie for over 40 years…

The Sound of Music. 

Which I know to many might seem lame or just way too pink and fluffy, but it is what it is. I remember seeing it with my best friend in the theater in Tulsa Oklahoma. My mom took us and LEFT US THERE TO WATCH IT BY OURSELVES!!! We were so old at age 12! Really.

This week, my kids are singing the Do Re Mi song and I had to go dig it back out.

Also, even then, I thought Christopher Plummer was hawt. And I knew the guy Leisel (did I spell that right?) liked was a dog from the get go!